Fall destroyed top ten chances : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Fall destroyed top ten chances
Erik Nordsæter Resell rode Thursday in to a 13th place in the junior men’s cross country during his first mountain bike World Championship at Hafjell.

By: Camilla Skanke
Today’s tactic was to stay behind the field and then pass forward slowly. In the beginning, the plan became problematic.

– I started as number 61, so I had a long queue in front of me. That made ​​it impossible to pass the participants in front of me that blocked the trail.

When nearly 40 riders passed before Erik embarked on round two, it seemed like he was going to stay behind. Gradually, however, the field got more spread and Erik could start climbing forward. That seemed to function optimally as he now was running as the 13th rider of the last round.

Under the race, we were told by the national coach Eddy Knudsen Storsæter that Resell was only two seconds behind an eventual 8th place.

– Yes, this is great! Now hopefully I will keep my job, he said with a big smile.

The crowd went wild as the athletes has less than 1000 meters to the finish line. Erik Resell had so far had a really good race, but unfortunately he fell, and the goal for a top ten placement was shattered.

– Falling at the end was terrible. I was cycling just the way I should, and I thought the eight place was mine. When I fell I lost both time and speed which took a lot of energy out of me.

Even though he fell, the athlete from Trondheim is very happy with todays effort at home turf. He had never participated in the World Championship before, and this is just the beginning.

– It was so much fun racing today, not considering that fact that I fell. Being able to be a part of this huge event has been a goal for me. The fact that I did well today, and I had a lot of people cheering me on, definitely got me motivated to continue on, says Resell.