Doing everything to support Ingrid : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Doing everything to support Ingrid
Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen is Norways greatest medal hope in the cross country elimination, and she will recieve massive support from her friends and family.
By: Jens Friberg

– We have to find the place. The spot where we can cheer for Ingrid the most, and at the same time support her in the tough parts of the track, Mona Bergseth explains. She is one of many family members and friends who has taken the day off to visit Maihaugen.

They have to go through several discussions before they find an appropriate place to make camp. In the end they find the perfect spot for their needs.

– Here we can cheer for her in the important part of the course, and at the same time watch the finish on the big screen, Bergseth says with a smile.

Afraid of injury

Even though many expect Bøe Jacobsen to make it all the way to the finals, her mother Toril Bøe has other priorities:

– I hope she does well and I wish her the best, but the most important is that she does’nt get injured, says Bøe. She and her husband Knut Jacobsen will be in Lillehammer the whole week, to support their daughter in both Maihaugen and Hafjell.

In addition to the many Norwegian flags, every member of the crew has gotten their own printed T-shirt. The words «Team Ingrid» are flashing across their chests.

– She knows we’re here, but she has no idea about the T-shirts, says Bøe joyfully.

Tough course

Father Knut Jacobsen shares the big faith in his daughter, and is very content with her two top three-finishes this season. Yet he still carries concern, because the track is difficult.

– It’s very tight across the whole track and overtaking will be hard. The start will be very important and she hasn’t been starting very well this season, he comments.

He states that there will be a tight race between the best in Tuesdays competition. But a place in the finals is not out of reach for their daughter Ingrid, if we are to believe father Jacobsen.