Nino Schurter wants the World Championship

Nino Schurter wants the World Championship-title
Nino Schurter has been in good shape this season, and is a huge favourite to break the all time best cross country riders record. He still doesn’t stress and is surprisingly calm.

By: Eirik Knutsen og Jens Friberg

– Would you like a coffee?

Nino Schurter is at Hafjell to defend his third world championship title, but takes does’nt stress and takes him self good time at everything he is doing. With victory this Saturday he has the possibility to break Julien Absalons WC record. The French has four titles, Schurter currently has three.

A good season
The Swiss star is very happy about this season. He has won four world cup races, but missed the overall victory at the end.

– I want revenge, and want to defend my WC-title. It was a huge disappointment when I didn’t get the victory in the world cup, Schurter said.

He has nothing but good words about both Lillehammer/Hafjell and the trails he is about to compete in.

– Last year the trail was not that good, but now they have made some changes. It is both technical and physical challenging this year, and that suits me very well.

Schurters favourite is without doubt cross country, and that course goes at Saturday. Still he has already gotten a medal.

The medal chances
The Cross Country team relay is by many athletes not as big as the individual races. But Nino Schurter saw his chances to take a medal.

– The Swiss team is really young, but still very good. We have the best contestant at the womens side, and our juniors are at a really high level in these competitions.

When Schurter started his run, the Swiss team was a little behind the leading teams. After a heroic effort, it was only the French that was better. And it’s not only at the team relay Schurter gets French rivalry. The wost winning athlete on the men’s side, Julien Absalon, is Schurtes biggest rival.
Even though Absalon got the world cup title right in front of Schurter’s nose, that has not affected the relationship between those two.

– Julien is a big athlete and my biggest rival. At the same time, I am very glad to compete against him, cause after all he is the world’s best cross country rider, Schurter said.

Something missing
The 28 year old has had most of the different titles in his career, but it is still one thing missing.

– From the Olympics is have bronze from Beijing and silver from London. So you can se that something is missing there.

Next chance for Schurter is in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and he is clear that the Olympics is his goal. In the meantime he is going to compete in the first European Olympics that is held in Baku next summer.