Spanish favourite : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Spanish favourite
Trial participant, Abel Mustieles from Spain, is ranked number one in the world and is Spain’s medal hope during the World Championship at Lillehammer this weekend.

By: Helena Walle and Angelica Hagen

– I would like to win, but anything can happen, says Mustieles.

He won last year’s World Championship in South Africa, and is therefore hoping for the same success this year.

– I get very nervous before I compete, he reveals.

Therefore he has been trying to focus on other things than the finals. Since the semifinals he has been resting, so that he will be ready for the finals today.

Mustieles think WC is the toughest competition since you only have one day to perform.

– In the World Cup on the other hand, you get five days to perform. That means even though you mess up one day, you can still win, he says.