The Crown Prince impressed at Hafjell : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

The Crown Prince impressed at Hafjell
Despite the fact that his shoes were not optimal, the Crown Prince of Norway, Haakon, impressed the audience when he completed parts of the official WC race course for circuit racing at Hafjell today.

By: Emilie Gundersen and Anders Ødegården

His jacket back was printed with «Go beyond, create tomorrow». This is the slogan for next years Youth Olympics, which will be held in Lillehammer in 2016. Arriving at Hafjell and the WC, the Crown Prince was also dressed in washed jeans and sneakers, ready for an active day in the mountain.

Welcome comité
Crown Prince Haakon arrived at the terrain area at Hafjell at about 12. He was greeted by mayor of Øyer, Mari Botterud, Chief of Police Olav Sørby, assistant county manager Sigurd Tremoen, the president of the Norwegian Cycling association, Harald Tiedemann Hansen, and leader of MTB Norway Event AS, Kjell Tore Bjørnhaug.
They were in good company; many school children from Øyer had also lined up to welcome the Crown Prince.

– How are you today, the Crown Prince asked, and greeted the children, who brought Norwegian flags and sang the Norwegian national anthem.

– It’s nice to meet you, one of the school boys replied, before Haakon went to the wardrobes to get dressed in the official Norwegian team suit.

Small racing shoes
The Crown Prince rode part of the Official WC-course for circuit racing at Hafjell, with Silje Katrine Holmsen and Rune Høydal, board member of the Norwegian Cycling association, this Friday. His pedal shoes were too small, so the Crown Prince chose to ride with his own sneakers.

– It is harder to ride these tracks with regular sneakers, Tiedemann Larsen, said. He pointed out that it would have been an advantage for the Crown Prince had he raced with pedal shoes.
Larsen reported that the Crown Prince, in despite of the shoe challenge, looked forward to test the trail, and that he was happy to be at Hafjell.

Great accomplishment
The Crown Prince kept a good pace through the whole trail, in between Holmsen and Høydal. Slightly breathless, naturally, but in great shape.
The atmosphere and excitement among those who cheered, grew towards the finish line, and everyone wondered if the Crown Prince would dare to cycle the last, steep part of the course.
He did not, however, and carried his bike for a while, before he completed through the finishing line. A great bunch of adults and children cheered the Crown Prince over the finish line.

After finishing the race, the Crown Prince could announce that it was a fun race, despite the fact that he had to walk parts of it.
– It was a good run, emphasized the Crown Prince, who admitted that the most challenging part were the down hills.

The Crown Prince admitted to the public that he does not bike a whole lot. He emphasized his admiration for the athletes.