This is the Trial WC : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

This is the Trial WC
Strength and balance is essential. And unlike other sports, trial is about getting the least amount of points.

By Angelica Hagen and Emilie Gundersen

– You have to exercise your whole body, says Raphael Pils, a german participant from the trial club MSC Schatthausen. He competes in mens elite, which is participants from 18 years and up. The junior group is for contestants between 16 and 18 years.

According to Pils, a trial rider focuses on both technique and endurance, with and without a bike. This involves training balance, cardio, strength and speed.

Different obstacles

This years trail is located by Strandtorget in Lillehammer. The track consists of sections with obstacles. This year, the obstacles are «Rock Mountain», «Timbers», «Rocks», «Concrete», «Vertical Rock», «Typical House» and «Matches».

The semi finals are held Wednesday and Thursday. Here, the contestants can choose in which order they prefer to ride the sections. At the finals on Friday and Saturday, they need to ride in the same, determined route.

The point system

In trials, it is about getting the least amount of points. They need to complete the different sections in less than 2,30 minutes. Every 15 seconds after this, they get an additional point. The contestants must follow a number of rules, and get points by incorrect performance.

The participant with the least amount of points is the winner of it’s category.

In this year’s mens junior and elite trial, there are 53 contestants from 16 nations competing for the gold medal.