Denmark won men’s junior cross country : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Denmark won men’s junior cross country
Danish Simon Andreassen was the superior when the junior men’s cross country was held today at Hafjell.

By: Eirik Knutsen and Jens Friberg

Andreassen had a over 40 seconds lead after the first round, and the only thing that could possibly set the danish boy out was technical problems.
The 18-year old lived up to the expectations and had so much time the last bit, that he could recieve the Danish flag and celebrate with the audience.

Luca Schwarzbaur came in third after Egan Bernal.

Erik Resell, var the best Norwegian and came in 13th.


Fall destroyed top ten chances : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Fall destroyed top ten chances
Erik Nordsæter Resell rode Thursday in to a 13th place in the junior men’s cross country during his first mountain bike World Championship at Hafjell.

By: Camilla Skanke
Today’s tactic was to stay behind the field and then pass forward slowly. In the beginning, the plan became problematic.

– I started as number 61, so I had a long queue in front of me. That made ​​it impossible to pass the participants in front of me that blocked the trail.

When nearly 40 riders passed before Erik embarked on round two, it seemed like he was going to stay behind. Gradually, however, the field got more spread and Erik could start climbing forward. That seemed to function optimally as he now was running as the 13th rider of the last round.

Under the race, we were told by the national coach Eddy Knudsen Storsæter that Resell was only two seconds behind an eventual 8th place.

– Yes, this is great! Now hopefully I will keep my job, he said with a big smile.

The crowd went wild as the athletes has less than 1000 meters to the finish line. Erik Resell had so far had a really good race, but unfortunately he fell, and the goal for a top ten placement was shattered.

– Falling at the end was terrible. I was cycling just the way I should, and I thought the eight place was mine. When I fell I lost both time and speed which took a lot of energy out of me.

Even though he fell, the athlete from Trondheim is very happy with todays effort at home turf. He had never participated in the World Championship before, and this is just the beginning.

– It was so much fun racing today, not considering that fact that I fell. Being able to be a part of this huge event has been a goal for me. The fact that I did well today, and I had a lot of people cheering me on, definitely got me motivated to continue on, says Resell.


rials for men : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Trials for men junior
The startlist for Trials, Men Elite is out, and the final is Friday the 5th, 5.30 pm at Strandtorget, Lillehammer.

By: Frid Osen

In the official ranking of UCI, Abel Mustieles from Spain is number one, Ion Areitio, also from Spain is number two and Rick Koekoek from Netherlands is number three.
This is the rest of the list:
4. Raphael Pils, Germany

5. Benjamin Durville, France

8. Lucien Leiser, Switzerland

9. Ros Benito, Spain
46. Aurelien Fontenoy, France


Tatiana Janickova winner of women’s trials : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Tatiana Janickova winner of women’s trials

Tatiana Janickova won the tough competition at Strandtorget Friday.

By: Ine-Elise Høiby, Helena Walle and Angelica Hagen

Tatiana Janickova is the winner of women’s trials. It was confirmed before she had been through all the sections.

Her last section was also finished with zero points. She got three points in total.

Nina Reichenbach from Germany was number two today, while Gemma Abant from Spain won the bronze medal.

– You know it is a unique feeling and I can’t describe it, Janickova said with tears in her eyes.

Photo: Frid Osen


Trials for men junior : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Trials for men junior
The startlist for Trails, Men Junior 20 just came out. The final is today, 4pm at Strandtorget, Lillehammer. In the official ranking, the 17 year old German, Dominik Oswald, is on top. He is followed by Alex Rudeau (18) from France and Sebastian Krell (18) from Germany.

By: Frid Osen
The rest of the list is the following:

4. Andreas Depil (17) Germany

5. Tom Blaser (16) Switzerland

6. Alessio Povolo (17) Italy

7. Morgann Perez (18) France

8. Oriol Roca Olive (17) Spain


U23 Cross Country : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

U23 Cross Country
Today we will find out who is the strongest U23 cross-country riders. 49 riders will be ready for start when the women starts at 1pm. They will do five laps on the 3,2km long track.
By: Karl Erik Andresen
The riders who are expected to be the strongest will be the reigning world champion from Switzerland Jolanda neff, the Swedish favorite Jenny Rissveds and of course the rising star from France, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot.

Three Norwegian girls will be competing, and there are big expectations from Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen, who came in a strong 3rd place at the Eliminators event earlier this week. Henriette Elvrum Handal and Sylvi Sommer are the two other girls who will fight for the title.

An exciting development in the men’s class

There is a great excitement before the guys starts at 15.30 today. 99 runners are set to start, and they ride 6 laps.
It will be interesting to see the choice of bike, since many riders have chosen to use a full suspension bike instead of the classic hardtail bike.

Because of the rocky and rough trail it is expected that most of the men will be riding full suspension. Later today we will learn if this will be a decisive for a victory


Spanish favourite : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Spanish favourite
Trial participant, Abel Mustieles from Spain, is ranked number one in the world and is Spain’s medal hope during the World Championship at Lillehammer this weekend.

By: Helena Walle and Angelica Hagen

– I would like to win, but anything can happen, says Mustieles.

He won last year’s World Championship in South Africa, and is therefore hoping for the same success this year.

– I get very nervous before I compete, he reveals.

Therefore he has been trying to focus on other things than the finals. Since the semifinals he has been resting, so that he will be ready for the finals today.

Mustieles think WC is the toughest competition since you only have one day to perform.

– In the World Cup on the other hand, you get five days to perform. That means even though you mess up one day, you can still win, he says.


Two medals for the Swiss in women’s U23 Cross Country : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Two medals for the Swiss in women’s U23 Cross Country
Two medals for Switzerland

By: Karl Erik Andresen
The reigning champion Jolanda Neff from Switzerland showed her full strength when she rode in to 1st place in todays cross-country event. France’s Margot Moschetti came 2nd while Linda Indergand from Switzerland came in 3rd place.

The article will be updated shortly.


The Crown Prince impressed at Hafjell : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

The Crown Prince impressed at Hafjell
Despite the fact that his shoes were not optimal, the Crown Prince of Norway, Haakon, impressed the audience when he completed parts of the official WC race course for circuit racing at Hafjell today.

By: Emilie Gundersen and Anders Ødegården

His jacket back was printed with «Go beyond, create tomorrow». This is the slogan for next years Youth Olympics, which will be held in Lillehammer in 2016. Arriving at Hafjell and the WC, the Crown Prince was also dressed in washed jeans and sneakers, ready for an active day in the mountain.

Welcome comité
Crown Prince Haakon arrived at the terrain area at Hafjell at about 12. He was greeted by mayor of Øyer, Mari Botterud, Chief of Police Olav Sørby, assistant county manager Sigurd Tremoen, the president of the Norwegian Cycling association, Harald Tiedemann Hansen, and leader of MTB Norway Event AS, Kjell Tore Bjørnhaug.
They were in good company; many school children from Øyer had also lined up to welcome the Crown Prince.

– How are you today, the Crown Prince asked, and greeted the children, who brought Norwegian flags and sang the Norwegian national anthem.

– It’s nice to meet you, one of the school boys replied, before Haakon went to the wardrobes to get dressed in the official Norwegian team suit.

Small racing shoes
The Crown Prince rode part of the Official WC-course for circuit racing at Hafjell, with Silje Katrine Holmsen and Rune Høydal, board member of the Norwegian Cycling association, this Friday. His pedal shoes were too small, so the Crown Prince chose to ride with his own sneakers.

– It is harder to ride these tracks with regular sneakers, Tiedemann Larsen, said. He pointed out that it would have been an advantage for the Crown Prince had he raced with pedal shoes.
Larsen reported that the Crown Prince, in despite of the shoe challenge, looked forward to test the trail, and that he was happy to be at Hafjell.

Great accomplishment
The Crown Prince kept a good pace through the whole trail, in between Holmsen and Høydal. Slightly breathless, naturally, but in great shape.
The atmosphere and excitement among those who cheered, grew towards the finish line, and everyone wondered if the Crown Prince would dare to cycle the last, steep part of the course.
He did not, however, and carried his bike for a while, before he completed through the finishing line. A great bunch of adults and children cheered the Crown Prince over the finish line.

After finishing the race, the Crown Prince could announce that it was a fun race, despite the fact that he had to walk parts of it.
– It was a good run, emphasized the Crown Prince, who admitted that the most challenging part were the down hills.

The Crown Prince admitted to the public that he does not bike a whole lot. He emphasized his admiration for the athletes.


Dutch U23 victory in Cross Country : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Dutch U23 victory in Cross Country
Dutch U23 World Champion

Michiel Van Der Heijden from Holland took the gold in an impressive run at todays U23 cross country. Finishing 49 seconds before the silver winner Jordan Sarrou from France it was a show of force. Howard Grotts from USA took home the bronze medal.

The strongest Norwegian was Sondre Kristiansen who finished in 13th place.