Tech / Expo 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships : 2014 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships

Expo and Tech Area
The MTB World Championships Village will be placed in the arena of the Olympic Winter Games 1994 in Hafjell and the well known Hafjell Bike Park. It will be the focal point for all the action, with the finish arena, displays, demonstrations, commentary, trade- and retail stands.
Be sure to book your place in the tech area using this form

Village Layout and different areas
The World Championships Village will have two main areas:
The Tech Area: UCI Elite MTB Teams, UCI MTB Teams, National Teams and companies providing team and rider support will be located in this area close to the finish area
The Expo Area: Exhibitors will be located in this area where it’s possible to display, promote and sell products

Setting up
It’s possible to set up from Monday September 1st. All stands must be set up before 08:30 Tuesday September 2nd. The World Cup Village will be pedestrianized with no vehicle movement during the opening hours of the event. You will be able to stock up in the morning, and after the event has closed each day.

How to book space
To book space in the World Championships Tech/Expo area please fill in the online booking form. A suitable space will be allocated according to UCI guidelines, availability and size requested. Specific locations cannot be reserved. After booking you will receive a confirmation and a receipted invoice. If you have any questions please contact

Late booking fee
A late booking fee of NOK 1.250,-, will be added for bookings done after August 1st 2014

All prices in stated in Norwegian Krone pr. m2
Size Range Tech Area
UCI Elite MTB Teams Tech Area
UCI MTB Teams Tech Area
IMTTO Members Tech Area
Non UCI/IMTTO Teams Tech Area
National Teams Expo Area
All exhibitors
Up to 30m2 NOK 200 pr. m2 NOK 200 pr. m2 NOK 210 pr. m2 NOK 250 pr. m2 Free for 1 -6 competitors NOK 320 pr. m2
From 31 – 60m2 NOK 180 pr. m2 NOK 180 pr. m2 NOK 190 pr. m2 NOK 225 pr. m2 Free for 7 -19 competitors NOK 275 pr. m2
Up to 61 – 100m2 NOK 160 pr. m2 NOK 160 pr. m2 NOK 170 pr. m2 NOK 200 pr. m2 Free for 20+ competitors NOK 250 pr. m2
From 100m2 ->
NOK 140 pr. m2 NOK 140 pr. m2 NOK 150 pr. m2 NOK 175 pr. m2 NOK 190,- pr m2. for additional space
NOK 235 pr. m2
Power NOK 1200
NOK 1200 NOK 1280 NOK 1500 NOK 1500 NOK 1680
Water* Free
* A bike wash area will be supplied. If you require water for cooking etc. please request details